About Us

Our Products 

We carry over 80 products in our self-dispensing bins, which enables us to have an impact on reducing packaging and waste. Our bulk goods are priced very competitively. Shopping this way also gives you the chance to buy small amounts to try first! 

There is something for everyone at Nourish!

And for you tea lovers out there, join the club! We have a great range of personally picked herbal teas.

We are constantly introducing new ranges to our store, and it is always a delight to be supporting local producers and stocking their products at Nourish.

We look forward to meeting you soon at Nourish on Maling, where our friendly and caring staff will gladly assist in any way they can! 

On Maling

We’re conveniently located on historic Maling Road in Canterbury, renowned for its Edwardian and heritage listed architecture.

Where better to open our store, which combines a vintage aesthetic of the past with a focus on a healthy and sustainable future. 

145 Maling Road
Canterbury, VIC 3126

Phone: 9041 9750
Mobile: 0439 993 058